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Spread the word about TradeGoldATM educational products and be rewarded.  

Range of our trading educational products includes free guide, ebook, silver & gold lifetime membership, video course and 1on1 consultations.

All products combined pay YOU an affiliate commission of over $1500 per referred client.

Who Tracks Affiliate Commissions

Our affiliate program runs at Gumroad platform, that has over 40,000 creators selling their products.

It’s similar to Shopify but Gumroad focuses mainly on creators selling their digital products.

Gumroad also provides an independant software that does all the affiliate tracking for our products.

Plus make sure that your affiliate commissions are paid every Friday directly to your Paypal account.

They handle for us selling, tracking sales and paying both us as creator and you as our affiliates.

How To Sign Up As An Affiliate

Here are 2 easy steps to become our affiliates and earn high commissions.

Step 1: Click HERE to go to and open an affiliate account by clicking on button Start Selling. 

Don’t worry you don’t need to sell anything. It’s an universal account that lets you sell, buy or be an affiliate at Gumroad platform. Use the same email that you use on Paypal. Or first add new email to your Paypal, that you will use to be my affiliate on Gumroad.

Step 2: Send us an email or use our Contact page. 

In this email you just write the email that you used to open an account at Gumroad. This email will be the only info we will have from you as our affiliate. We recommend you to use the same email that you use on Paypal.

And that’s all you need to do to be able to start promoting our products.

Once we receive email from you with your Gumroad registered email, then we add this email in our affiliate program.

After we add you, then Gumroad will send you an email containing your affiliate links. Do check your SPAM folder in case email would mistakenly end up there.

We will also reply telling you that we added you as our affiliate. 

Do allow us up to 24 hours to add you as our affiliate.

If you have not received a Gumroad email with your affiliate link or email from us within 24 hours after you send us email, then simply reply to us or send us a message on our social media accounts.

And that’s it – you are ready to promote our products and earn over $1,500 commission per referral.

IMPORTANT: We reserve the right to reject you as an affiliate. Most reasons for rejection is spamming or promoting our products on websites or forums with inappropriate content such as promoting racism or criminal activities.

Promo Designs

Few designs to help you with promoting our educational products on your blog or social media accounts.

Simply right mouse click on any pic below, then select Save image as… or Copy image address.

tradegoldatm how to start trading gold online guide
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tradegoldatm how to trade gold like a pro ebook
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tradegoldatm membership
Silver & Gold Membership pic, width 720 pixel

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